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  1. Rights

  2. Participation & Inclusion

  3. Individual Outcomes

  4. Feedback and Complaints

  5. Service Access

  6. Service Management

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Top Care Lifestyles recognizes that all people with a disability have the right to expect that they will be treated courteously, with dignity and respect; that their personal information will be protected by complying with national privacy principles regarding the collection, use and disclosure of their private information, and that their personal information will be kept confidential. 

Top Care Lifestyles is committed to promoting a positive image of people with a disability, recognizing that this can positively influence each person's self-esteem and citizenship as a valued member of the community.



A 'complaint' is when a person indicates that they have an issue with the quality or delivery of their service and are seeking resolution. Complaints can be made in many ways including informally, in writing and verbally.

If you would like to give any feedback whether it is a compliment or a suggestion, click on the following document below. You can print, fill out then scan and send to our email. 

Top Care Lifestyles recognizes that each person has the right to complain about the quality or delivery of service and can participate fully in the process of complaint resolution without fear of retribution.

If you are not happy about the service you receive from Top Care Lifestyles, we can provide you information on external support and advocacy services. 

Top Care Lifestyles is person-centered and innovative in its approaches to support and addressing the needs of each person making a complaint and complies with all relevant legislation. 

Top Care lifestyles has the capacity and capability for complaint handling and provides information and support that takes into consideration the person's individual and cultural needs.