If you need help from your carer every day, you may need to have a short stay in one of our homes. This is called 'Residential Respite Care' and can be on a planned or emergency basis. 

You may use this type of Respite service if your carer will be away to attend an event or is unwell or unable to provide care for any other reason. Once your carer is back, you will return home. 

Top Care Lifestyles’ Short Stay provides quality care in a modern and fully accessible multi-bedroom house and in the presence of compatible housemates. This gives you the opportunity to build your independent living skills or enjoy some consistency in times of hardship.

Our Short Stays have a large open plan kitchen, dining and lounge rooms with flat screen TVs, spacious bathrooms, and a great outdoor area fit with undercover setting. We can also explore the community through outings of your choice – you may want to go to movies or anywhere to have a nice meal. It’s up to you what you would like to do.

Access to Short Stay

You will first need a free assessment with a member from our Top Care Lifestyles team to discuss your needs and goals, and the best options for you prior to accessing services and your NDIS plan if you have one. 

Costs for Respite care vary depending on your circumstances and the kind of care you need. Discuss this with our representative in your assessment. 


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